Friday, May 18, 2012

Graduation Games

Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the vainest or stupidest County Executive of

Mike Hein

The other night at the SUNY Ulster Commencement, he refused to wear his cap, was it
vain or stupidity? 

You decide.

Proper academic regalia is required for all candidates who participate in any
Commencement Ceremony - that includes the dignitaries on the stage.

The crowd was abuzz about how Mike Hein refused to wear his cap when he
addressed the graduates.

It was just disrespectful to the institution.

The graduates would not be allowed to get their diploma if they didn't wear
their cap.

What a poor example the County Executive set.

Then in true Mike Hein fashion, after he spoke, he left, right in the middle of
the ceremony.

That was after he gave a shout out to a member of his family that was

They were important enough to get the should out from Uncle Mike during his
speech, not not important enough for Uncle Mike to stay.

Hein's speech was all about Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike.

Mike Hein's reputation of not staying for events, and not wanting to pay to
attend events is growing large than his oversized ego.

We won't even mention the buzz about Mike wanting to sell the President's house,
and the threats that he has made to cut the SUNY Ulster budget if they don't
sell the house.

Other buzz that just won't go away... and Hein is the one keeping it alive.

Once again Hein said that he was the first member of his family to ATTEND

If you were the first to GRADUATE from college wouldn't you say that?

There is a big difference between ATTENDING college and GRADUATING from college.

But maybe it's only a big difference to those that have graduated.


  1. Fuck Hein. He is a narcissistic asshole who should be drummed out of office. He will run the county into the ground and then leave for greener pastures. Just look what Steinhouse did to Molinaro over in Dutchess becuase it is the future of Ulster County.

  2. Hein also addressed a Chabad Event last week,, ALSO LEFT after HE spoke !! Who does he think he is, Al Spada ???
    Only ALbert can get away with that,,,

    RUDE !! DIS-RESPECTFUL to the Honorees,too,

    He is a shameful piece of DRECK !!!

  3. Hein had to get out of there before anyone could ask him how come he caused UCCC to have one of the highest tuition's in the state. He would not get pats on the back and attaboy's so he went to a Republican sponsored event where he would. This guy is the biggest phoney I ever saw in politics.

  4. I was at the same event at the Hillside when Hein left. No one is that busy. This man thinks that he is Al Spada.

    I'm sure that at 5 years in to elected office even Spada didn't act like this though.

    After being an elected official for 25 years, you MAYBE earn that.

    But not after one term as County Exec.

  5. As a public servant, you NEVER earn the right the snub the very people who pay your salary. Al Spada epitomizes what is wrong with politicians today. This guy drives his black Audi with the UC-1 license plate and parks in the handicapped space outside the uptown post office while he goes to collect his mail.

    He is not handicapped, nor does he seem to care about breaking the law. Too bad no one holds him accountable for his actions. It's also a shame that he sets a bad example for all of us.

  6. Albert's plate is CU - 1 !
    Get it right, 1st, then speak,,,
    Albert is an elederly person who has had many serious illnesses in the past few years, If he needs to park there for a second, so what ??
    We all do it, & don't say ya don't cause I have seen you do it, too !
    He might be too proud or vain to get a handicapped thing so big effin deal
    Get over it
    yr just envious cause you were walking & Spada was driving an Audi,

  7. Sorry to hear that Mr. Spada is having health issues,I hope he gets well soon.
    Here is my take on the above comment. It is not alright and not everyone does it. I never have, ever. It speaks volumes that you think it is OK, and you think that everyone does it. In the non-entitled world of working class people, we tend to obey the laws with the foolish notion that they apply equally, to all. Sick, vain or otherwise.

  8. One who knows...You don't seem to know much about common sense. Funny thing to see a politician/public servant who does not follow the law. Figure the odds...

    Your rant says much about you. "So what?" "everybody does it", and "big effin deal". No wonder this county is spiralling down the drain with the likes of you.

    Sorry I got the plate number bad! I do not envy Spada. I don't need an Audi, and I don't envy anyone with that warped sense of entitlement and superiority.

  9. 8:34 - NOT everybody parks in a handicapped spot. I guess you do, though. I never have, and hopefully never will have to. If Spada is, in fact, handicapped, then he should have a placard. If not, he deserves an $80 ticket. The city could use the money; he wouldn't miss it. It's NEVER OK to park in a handicapped parking spot - even "for a minute" - if you're not handicapped. I remember when my father had a herniated disk and he was in agony - he had a handicapped placard. He wanted to park in a handicapped spot to go to the pharmacy to get his prescription filled, and some inconsiderate, selfish, SOB parked there. He had to walk another agonizing block. I guess that inconsiderate, selfish SOB was you.