Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Road Rage

This item was forwarded to the Crusader:

"Word to the wise if you're going to drive like a deranged A hole, not use turn signals, cut off other drivers and then stick your head out the window to yell at them be sure you don't have a face everyone knows and a license plate that reads UL 33.. maybe David Donaldson should take an anger management course, does the county offer those?"


  1. Looks like Dave Donaldson thinks he is "winning" too.... duh

    Who is the loser in the mankini?

  2. isn't that the schmuck who ran for Mayor ???

  3. Someone should alert the school officials in Dutchess County that their $92,000 school teacher has a road rage problem. Should he really be around children with that sort of anger problem?