Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quid Pro Quo

Robin Yess & her group of maladjusted malcontents have launched an all out assault on Ulster County GOP Chair Roger Rascoe and Legislature Chair Terry Bernardo.  Yess is on any real/imagined misstep like stink on a monkey.  What is her motive?

One, obviously, is revenge.  She has a gripe with Rascoe, who forced her to resign as County GOP Chair in disgrace.  She battled with Bernardo and her husband Len (Chair of the county Independence Party) and lost - big time.  But, if one looks a little deeper under the surface, it's clear that Yess is nothing more than a pawn in Mike Hein's plan to control every aspect of county government.

Lets look at the evidence.  During her short term, Yess tried long and hard to make sure Hein did not have a opponent.  Then, she took the public lead on Hein's pet issue - selling the county nursing home. 

Now, lets look at the reward.  After quitting as GOP Chair, reliable sources tell the Crusader that Hein arranged for an interview for Yess for a high-level state position.  Yess did not get the job.  Hein, however, appears to have Yess on the hook again.

Terry Bernardo became the Chair of the UC Legislature in January.  Her goal is to professionalize the Legislature's operations and make the body an effective counterweight to Hein.  But, Bernardo has faced constant attacks from the troika of Dave Donaldson, Yess and Hein.  Hein has used Yess and Donaldson as his pawn's to keep the Legislature divided so the power-hungry Exec can amass even more power. 

Yess was seen recently leaving a private meeting with Hein last week.  Was she getting her marching orders or did Hein promise her a county job for her efforts?  That remains to be seen.

When reading the next Yess lame-o-gram, keeping in mind that she's nothing but the puppet of Hein.  Yess claims she's for protecting taxpayers when all she's interested in is finding a job for herself.


  1. One of the lame requirements that Yess had in selecting candidates to run against Hein was that they had to be "incredibly good looking", or she was not interested in running them.

    That left THE most qualified candidate (Quigley) out. That should have been the first clue that the fix was in. Set up a qualification that is impossible for the most qualified candidate to reach.

    Republicans were bamboozled by Yess.

    It was a sad day for the Democrats when Yess resigned, because now the Republicans are counting the days until they put an end to Hein's lackluster political career.

  2. Yess & her buddy porno John think they are badaases . They are lame asses.

  3. Yess and Frey both got interviews for their loyalty. Frey actually got the job, but I think he lost it. Loyalty will only buy you so much.

  4. Crusader, welcome to the blog wars. About time someone called Yess and her gang of misfits out. Thank you. Would also like to add my two cents. Yess constantly infers that Bernardo ran unopposed and that her chairmanship tainted. However, she fail to point out that Hein ran unopposed thanks to her. So, if I understand correctly, it's okay to run unopposed if there is something in it for Robin Yess, and unfair to run unopposed if she doesnt think you should. Great strategy, if you can get away with it.

  5. Please guys, I love Robin Yess. Her and March Gallagher are my calendar girls. I wouldn't mind paying a little more in taxes if I could see a little more of Robin in the county. She is hot. Seriously, is she single? I am really jealous of Mr. Hien. So much so, I am thinking of running for County Exec. just to have meetings with them. My plan is simple. We sell our good assets like we are trying to do with Golden Hill. I would get a mortgage note to the county building, form a group to sell it to someone for less than the note, and then pay them to rent it back. That would help our tax deficit because the building would be back on the tax roll, the one time income boost will lower taxes and we could afford to hire Mrs. Yess as an assistant to my office. I am sure I could fill the rest of my term with how to brush your teeth brochures and getting grants for free cans of RAID to eliminate bugs in the county. I know I could win because I could gave raises to everyone with this plan If we ran into a big money problem, I would would just do the same thing with the jail. After 8 years and a healthy retirement, I would be out with high ratings and just hopefully with a new love interest. Don't hate the player, hate the game.